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My Video Voice




Sharon Saraga Walters has over 35 years experience operating and promoting her own businesses in health and wellness, and as co-owner of My Video Voice Productions, also serves as our administrative and marketing department.

She is the creator of Sharon it Forward Today on Facebook, and is a lifetime student and practitioner of Gratitude, with a passion for Sharing all good things. She's the lead creator of The 28 Day Gratitude Workout, online course, book and workshop.

Sharon began her personal growth and awareness journey in 1989. She received a college degree in Health Promotions and spent 8 years as a Personal Fitness Trainer and owner of One to One Fitness. She has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for the past 25 years.

Louanne Saraga Walters is a professional communicator with over 30 years practicing her skills in various mediums and industries. Co-founder of My Video Voice Productions and co-producer and host of The Philanthropy Show┬«, she began working in radio in the mid 1980's learning all aspects of live and programmed radio broadcasting, and transitioned to television a few years later. She has 'grown up' with video production from the old school tape shooting and linear editing, to HD cams/DSLR's and using post production software and editors like Avid, Final Cut Pro, Motion and Compressor.  

In addition to her behind the camera expertise, she's made the rare transition to 'on camera', capable of planning a project as producer, host, shooter and editor.

Louanne understands the importance of knowing how to communicate with each particular audience, and is a passionate and awestruck lover of language.

She's coached and mentored students in video production, personal growth, finance, and organizational management over the past two and half decades, helping them discover, develop and deepen their talents and skill sets. For the past nine years she has been instructing thousands of small business owners, nonprofits and entrepreneurs in social media, personal growth and video production.